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Radiant Energy puts its Manufacturing Energy Solutions into Production for Large Food Manufacturer

Radiant Energy Produces Efficiencies for Food Manufacturer Discover why one of the world’s largest food manufacturers pursued Radiant Energy’s expertise in manufacturing energy solutions to reduce energy costs and enhance the production at each of their 43 plants. Radiant improved efficiencies for the company by creating a streamlined and integrated data collection [...]

The Value of Energy Expertise and Management when Closing a Facility

RADIANT ENERGY CONVERTS CONSEQUENCE INTO PAYOUT FOR ASPHALT PLANT When one of the largest asphalt and concrete manufacturers in North America decided to shut down one of its facilities, it appeared as though the company would have to pay the utility $7,600 for outstanding energy contracts. Yet, when Radiant Energy provided energy [...]

Finding Costly Errors in Utility Invoices Generating Hotel Energy Savings

RADIANT ENERGY PRODUCES SAVINGS FOR HOTEL BUSINESS When conducting utility bill auditing for a hotel business, Radiant Energy discovered a costly billing error. By catching and resolving this single mistake, Radiant Energy provided hotel energy savings and saved the hotel more than $26,000. Intensive Data Collection and Market Intelligence Pay Dividends: Energy [...]

Theme Parks Discover Unrealized Energy Savings

Radiant Energy Assessment is Ticket to $565,000 In Savings For Theme Park Learn why a national theme park turned to its energy management company, Radiant Energy, to assess possibilities to lower energy usage and cost. Radiant’s experienced team identified energy efficiency projects that would drive more than $565,000 in energy savings for [...]

Fixing Costs and pricing strategies in a volatile market


MULTI-DWELLING GROUP DEVELOPS SAVINGS WITH RADIANT ENERGY’S PRICING STRATEGIES Highly effective pricing strategies: By recommending an integrated energy procurement and energy risk management strategy, Radiant Energy led a well-known multi-dwelling company to year-over-year savings of more than $5 million. Price Option Analysis Beneficial in a Volatile Market: Savvy energy procurement experts know [...]

Restaurant Energy Solutions & Energy Procurement in Tough Financial Times

Radiant Energy Reduces Painful Rising Costs for Restaurants Companies struggling financially often face additional fees and deposit requirements from energy suppliers. This case study recounts Radiant Energy’s restaurant energy solutions & aggressive negotiation on behalf of a restaurant owner facing increasing food costs during slow season for the restaurant. Complex Financial Situations [...]

Energy Procurement and Shopping The Energy Market for Savings

Learn how Radiant Energy saved nearly $300,000 for a global commercial real estate company by exploring energy procurement options beyond the incumbent supplier options. Weighing Supply Options Keeps Energy Costs Down: When it comes to purchasing energy, many businesses rely on established relationships with incumbent suppliers rather than looking for untapped value [...]

Food company’s appetite for savings and sustainability grows with Radiant Energy’s energy solutions strategies

Radiant Energy Harvests Energy Savings for Food Manufacturer Learn how one of the world’s largest food companies sought Radiant Energy’s leadership to reduce natural gas and electricity costs. Radiant drove savings for the company by devising an integrated, strategic approach that combined the strengths of conservation, risk management and strategic energy procurement. [...]