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Fixing Costs and pricing strategies in a volatile market


MULTI-DWELLING GROUP DEVELOPS SAVINGS WITH RADIANT ENERGY’S PRICING STRATEGIES Highly effective pricing strategies: By recommending an integrated energy procurement and energy risk management strategy, Radiant Energy led a well-known multi-dwelling company to year-over-year savings of more than $5 million. Price Option Analysis Beneficial in a Volatile Market: Savvy energy procurement experts know [...]

Strategic Energy Guidance for Large Development Group

CONSTRUCTION FIRM BUILD’S ON RADIANT ENERGY’S EXPERTISE FOR SUCCESSFUL ENERGY SOLUTIONS A leading construction firm chose Radiant Energy to provide strategic energy guidance and conduct a complete analysis of their company’s energy management as an on-going partner, helping them become a market leader for energy. Radiant’s detailed examination served as invaluable information [...]

Energy Procurement and Shopping The Energy Market for Savings

Learn how Radiant Energy saved nearly $300,000 for a global commercial real estate company by exploring energy procurement options beyond the incumbent supplier options. Weighing Supply Options Keeps Energy Costs Down: When it comes to purchasing energy, many businesses rely on established relationships with incumbent suppliers rather than looking for untapped value [...]