Project Description

Radiant Energy provides energy solutions to commercial real estate developers


A leading construction firm chose Radiant Energy to provide strategic energy guidance and conduct a complete analysis of their company’s energy management as an on-going partner, helping them become a market leader for energy. Radiant’s detailed examination served as invaluable information for the development executives in need of independent energy expertise.

Industry Knowledge and Leadership Captures New Opportunities:
When real estate development firms perform site selection, they need due diligence and rigorous analysis of that particular location. Radiant Energy provides highly effective strategic energy guidance to commercial real estate developers. The energy sector is complex, with many variables that can affect performance and profits, and it takes an in-depth knowledge of the industry to provide company leaders what they need to make crucial decisions. To capture new opportunities and make a profit, development teams need market intelligence from an industry expert to negotiate the best deal.


A prominent real estate development firm was considering the impact of energy costs during construction, the turn-over phase and management phase. With increasing energy expenses and competition narrowing in on energy performance, the construction firm needed to find out all it could about how they could manage their energy expenses better and incorporate new ideas that would give them an edge. The company turned to the energy industry experts at Radiant Energy to provide the detailed answers and analysis they needed to begin this transformation.


Within an aggressive timeline, Radiant Energy provided a comprehensive report that allowed the development group to have understanding of their current processes and proceed with enhancing their operations. The report included a detailed, independent analysis and comparison of the historical practices, current, and future trends and opportunities for specific aspects of their business. The study also included savings opportunities, energy solutions and timelines to complete projects. Along the way, Radiant held strategy sessions with the key stakeholders of the company to discuss accomplishments, progress and essential items.


Less than six weeks after Radiant submitted its analysis and launched the company’s new energy strategy, they saw a 16% reduction in their energy expenses. During the first year, the company generated a savings of $2.3 million on utility expenses. According to the director of the development group, partnering with Radiant was instrumental in completing its goals, and was exactly what the company needed to enhance their operations to become a leader in the real estate development industry.