Project Description

Radiant Energy contributes energy thought leadership and strategy to large Florida city

Radiant Energy Develops a Corporate Sustainability Strategy

A leading city in the state of Florida looked to Radiant Energy to develop city energy solutions and implement a sustainability strategy that aligned with the city’s current energy program.

Sustainability Requires High-Level Leadership: Executing a plan for reducing a city’s overall consumption of energy is an ambitious task, and city energy solutions must be evaluated carefully. A successful plan requires corporate emphasis on sustainability as well as market knowledge of energy options in various buildings. However, many companies or cities, find it challenging to formulate a strategy that addresses the distinct circumstances in various locations while maintaining a comprehensive approach.


A leading city in Florida decided that demonstrating sustainability was important to remaining competitive for its constituents and attracting new residents and business. To kick off its own sustainability initiative, the Mayor instituted a city-wide directive to reduce energy costs and energy consumption, leading by example and creating initiatives with their buildings. Unfortunately, when it came time to address sustainability locally, differences in laws and requirements made it difficult for the private stakeholders in their city to participate. In order to achieve success on a city-wide scale, the Mayor needed a sustainability strategy that would work in unison with the private stakeholders within the city to show that efforts can be made, even with restrictions. The Mayor turned to Radiant Energy for leadership and guidance in resolving its dilemma.


Radiant recommended a Sustainability workshop to guide the city’s staff through the process of defining and clarifying sustainability goals and determining a cohesive plan for the private stakeholders within the city. Radiant’s deep knowledge and experience in the regulated energy markets offers a strong foundation for companies that want custom sustainability strategies. By participating in a Sustainability workshop, the city was able to articulate its vision to enhance their current program and educate the private stakeholders on ways they, too, can participate with restrictions within their location. The city worked with Radiant to develop a roadmap that documented prioritized objectives and actionable steps.

In addition to the sustainability roadmap, Radiant quantified the level of investment needed from the city and provided options for ways to save with consumption-reducing initiatives.


With a formalized plan in place, the city was on its way to meeting an ambitious energy conservation goals, year-over-year, for 3 years. The sustainability strategy formulated for the city integrated well with what we created for the private participants, and these plans refined the company’s overall approach to sustainability. As a result, the city attained a competitive advantage in the state, leading its constituents by example and providing them with an opportunity to join in.