Project Description

Radiant Energy provides food manufacturing energy solutions to large businesses

Radiant Energy Produces Efficiencies for Food Manufacturer

Discover why one of the world’s largest food manufacturers pursued Radiant Energy’s expertise in manufacturing energy solutions to reduce energy costs and enhance the production at each of their 43 plants. Radiant improved efficiencies for the company by creating a streamlined and integrated data collection plan that combined the strengths of energy operations, demand management and strategic energy procurement.

Efficient Manufacturing Energy Solutions Produce Savings and Profits: When it comes to reducing peak load energy consumption, programs such as streamlined data management and demand response can deliver enhanced production with savings and revenue. However, in order for these programs effective, manufacturers must have access to accurate data for each piece of equipment, across numerous facilities with the means and experience to manage all components. Otherwise, they may encounter production interruptions and make unfamiliar decisions that dissolve potential savings. By leveraging Radiant Energy’s energy solutions, including sub-metering data collection, energy information management and action reporting capabilities, companies can enhance production with savings and profits.


One of the world’s largest food manufacturing companies urgently needed a method of understanding equipment’s energy consumption and costs for each of their plants. The methods used before included estimates on the usage, cost and health of equipment within the facilities. The food manufacturer was left to accept the consequences of those estimates which resulted in varying errors in the costs for production. The company turned to its energy partner, Radiant Energy, for guidance on developing a strategy of manufacturing energy solutions that would manage energy consumption and improve the bottom-line.


Although the food company’s concern was centered on only the high costs of energy, Radiant recommended a strategy that outlined opportunities for better production expense allocation on a continuous basis for consistent revenues. Radiant performed equipment audits, process assessments and software evaluation to construct the most effective energy solution without any production loss. Using this data, Radiant was able to devise streamlined energy strategies that exploited data collection and management that reduced peak load costs and helped the company create more accurate financial models. Through these strategies, Radiant Energy was also able to develop a process to improve equipment maintenance. By monitoring equipment usage, Radiant could identify potential failures and alert facility managers to schedule repairs prior to equipment failure, thus avoiding costly downtimes.


Radiant Energy’s manufacturing energy solutions gave the food company the ability to improve energy savings, add profits and prevent unnecessary risk. By employing Radiant Energy’s manufacturing energy solutions and expertise, the company was able to get the most from its operations, capture unrealized financial consistency and lower energy expenses.