Project Description

Radiant Energy provides energy solutions to food manufacturing companies

Radiant Energy Harvests Energy Savings for Food Manufacturer

Learn how one of the world’s largest food companies sought Radiant Energy’s leadership to reduce natural gas and electricity costs. Radiant drove savings for the company by devising an integrated, strategic approach that combined the strengths of conservation, risk management and strategic energy procurement.

Strategic Energy Solutions Harvest Greater Savings: When it comes to lowering energy costs, programs such as demand response and conservation can deliver significant savings. However, to make these programs effective, companies must have access to accurate data about energy use and the price of energy. Otherwise, they may incur penalties and make uninformed decisions that eat away at potential savings. With Radiant Energy’s energy solutions, companies have the ability to monitor and analyze consumption and pricing, allowing them to capitalize on their energy strategies.


One of the world’s largest food companies desperately needed a new energy management strategy for the energy strategies at its corporate office. The contract with its current supplier was about to radically change from its already high rates, causing energy costs to increase by 24%. The company turned to its energy partner, Radiant Energy, for guidance on developing a strategy that would lower costs and leverage the plan to implement across its locations Nationwide.


While the significant price increase was the catalyst for the food company’s request, Radiant recommended a strategy that would save them money across their sites and offices. Radiant conducted audits and evaluated energy usage and the volatile costs of natural gas and electric power — information that is essential in effectively managing energy management strategies. Using this data, Radiant was able to devise energy strategies that capitalized on market conditions, the various site’s energy usage, and its overall energy goals to save money and reduce consumption.


Radiant’s energy management solutions gave the food company the ability to make more informed decisions on how to strategically buy energy and how to use it efficiently for optimal savings. With insight into risk-management, sustainability and pricing data, operations personnel could choose the best locations and method for implementing the energy solutions, and the company reduced its kWh consumption by 26% and its natural gas consumption by 31% after we implemented our energy solutions. By implementing Radiant’s energy solutions and expertise, the company was able to get the most from its operations, capture new market opportunities and lower energy costs.