elon tweet
Shortly after Elon Musk’s tweet about his trip to China, Elon Musk tweets a tease about a “major” new product line. This surprise is set to be unveiled exactly one month from today at their corporate design studio. After the company’s announcement for selecting the site of its new Gigafactory, we’re excited to see movement towards yet another incredible product from Tesla. Musk’s trip to China was with no doubt to meet with and evaluate the state of it’s market opportunity in China. It’s operations in China have not kept up with the sales goals it set and also suffered from excess inventory due to misleading orders placed by non-licensed dealers. Elon Musk tweeted about China’s optimistic future for Tesla as he brings much needed knowledge to the skeptical consumers. Tesla’s China operations have seen consistently increasing growth over the last 3 months and is excited about where they’re headed.

We, too are excited about this new product debut and will be waiting anxiously to hear what it may be. Personally, we’d like to imagine it will be a battery storage product for the everyday home to use to store electricity and allow homeowners to use electricity during off-peak times or in cases of necessity. Although we haven’t seen battery storage products used significantly in the commercial realm, adding a new product to support consumer’s homes would be the ideal next step. Battery storage and micro-grid technology is an exciting new disruption to our stagnant energy practices. To learn more about battery storage or other best energy practices for saving money , please contact us!

Read more about Elon Musk’s trip to China, here: http://www.businessinsider.com/how-elon-musk-was-misled-by-chinese-speculators-2015-3