With colder weather approaching, here’s some things you should know about home heating. Space heating is the largest energy expense to the average home in the Unites States, accounting for roughly 45% of energy bills. Radiant Energy has some energy saving tips from the Department of Energy to help you save on this year’s heating bills. With nearly half of our energy bills attributed towards our energy costs, helping cut those just a small bit, can have a big impact on our energy bill.

Although 57% of homes in the United States use natural gas as the fuel source for heating their home, the average household spends $700/year heating with natural gas while households using heating oil as their heating fuel spent around $1,700/year. Natural gas is a more efficient source of fuel than heating oil but is not as accessible for certain parts of the country.

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Ever wonder what the different heat sources for heating systems are? Choosing the right one can be a tough choice, but understanding the options is a great first step. Here is an infographic outlining the different types and comparing each of them.

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If you thought there was a lot of heat sources for heating systems than you’ll be surprised to know, there’s just as many types of distribution systems for those heating systems. Here is an infographic comparing the different types and comparison of them.

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Measuring a heating systems efficiency can be tricky with so many choices. Remember, you can always check out the energy star website for energy efficiency reviews on most home appliances and other systems. Here’s how heating systems are measured.

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Space heaters are an effective and efficient way of heating a particular space in a home without having to heat an entire house where many areas are unused. Space heaters should have a carbon monoxide detector installed to enhance the safe use of heating your space.

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If you’re building a new home or office, or just upgrading your heating system, be sure to understand the different factors to consider when making a selection. Be sure to ask about each component when making your selection. The cost vs. savings should be carefully examined and compared when trying to understand the costs to expect on your energy bill.

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Here’s a few tips to help cut your heating bills.

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For this and other energy saving tips or energy solutions, contact Radiant Energy or visit us online at www.radiantenergyllc.com. You can also visit Energy Star and www.energystar.gov or the Department of Energy at www.energy.gov


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