About Radiant Energy’s Energy Solutions

aboutusRadiant Energy provides unique and transparent energy solutions to a diverse range of clients. We are a leading energy solutions provider unlike any other in our industry. Radiant Energy is comprised of energy and sustainability professionals experienced in working with organizations from a wide range of markets and sectors.  At Radiant Energy, we take pride in our high-level, proactive approach to each sector and client, and we work to ensure the most valuable energy solutions for our clients.

Partnering with Radiant Energy

  • Experience: We’re an innovative company with creative energy solutions which we tailor specifically to you, your business and your industry. Globally branded companies have trusted Radiant Energy with facilitating corporate strategic energy initiatives. We craft unique and transparent energy solutions in order to promote our clients to market leaders in their respective industries. We leverage our unmatched experience to provide the most effective and efficient energy solutions for our various clients. We have also led valuable energy initiatives which have been awarded and recognized as game-changing energy solutions.
  • Energy Knowledge: Our energy and sustainability experts have in-depth industry knowledge through experience and constant market evaluation. Our analysts are dedicated to commodity market data, trends, and other industry development, which keeps your company abreast of any emerging opportunities.
  • Transparent Leadership: We take an agnostic approach to providing you independent and transparent leadership, we are solely focused on the interests of your company. At each stage of your energy strategy, we communicate detailed analysis of your external environment in order to collaborate towards informed and effective decision-making, keeping you in the loop, and incorporating your industry expertise.
  • Partnership: As a Radiant Energy client, you’re equipped with a designated team of energy experts who act as an extension of your company, agents whose sole mission is to negotiate on your behalf, in order to acquire the lowest price, best terms and exceptional support. We hand pick our team from industry veterans who show experience, integrity and expertise in your industry; which translates into the best possible service in the industry.
  • Passionate Solutions: Each member of our team is experienced in addressing the unique needs and interests of our clients. We are passionate about energy and developing creative, customized & economically profitable energy solutions.
  • Energy with Benefits: Organizations across the country have achieved and preserved value by partnering with Radiant Energy. We take a sincere interest in our client’s challenges to create energy solutions that support the financial and operational integrity of their businesses.

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